Won't be on for a while!

So, my nephew and brother are coming up on Saturday from Florida, and I haven't seen them in a while! We will be having a little family get together on Saturday for my mom's birthday because my brother and my nephew won't be here for her actual birthday :) They will be staying until next Wednesday, so I won't be on my blog until, probably, next Thursday! I will also be going to get my formal senior picture on Tuesday, so I'm super excited about that! My uncle will be bringing over his nice camera for my sister to borrow so she can take the rest of my senior pictures! I'm excited to get those done! 

Have a good weekend and a good next week! Maybe, if there is a nephew tag or something, I'll try and do one with my nephew! He's a little spacey though, but what 5 year old isn't? :) 

-tyler alesia ♥


My next investment!

So, my android is probably the stupidest phone ever. It shuts itself off, the camera lags, and it sucks in general. So, when I get enough money (or, at least half the price), I will be getting an iPhone! I'm super excited! Here's the one I want!
It is the white iPhone 4 from AT&T and it is only $100! I'm hoping I can get enough money to get one either before school starts in like 4 weeks, or a little bit after school starts. It will allow me to facetime my friends, record videos with my friends at school, and upload them automatically to my Youtube channel! I can then do videos like Outfit of the Day and just everyday senior life vlogs :)

I'm super excited!

-tyler alesia ♥

Nails from past few days!

Here are my nails from the past week or so!

Lilac and Tangerine ♥
Coral and Gold ♥
So, if you guys would like to know what colors were used, comment below! And, head over and check out my recent Youtube videos :) 

What's In My Purse!
Nail Polish Storage & Organization
Nail Polish Obsession Tag

If there are any other videos you guys would like to see, comment and let me know! 

Thanks guys! 
-tyler alesia ♥


Cannot wait for back to school shopping!

I seriously wish it was August. Honestly, for school also. It's my senior year and there are so many awesome things seniors get to do so I'm excited to be a senior and head back to school! I also, am ready to go SHOPPING! 

I have so many places I want to go and so many things I want to get when August comes. I don't know if any of you guys have tax free weekend, but we do here in Georgia. It's the weekend usually before school starts (for some counties at least, mine included) where everything is tax free for back to school. Clothes, supplies, everything. It's AWESOME. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a back to school haul for you guys to see what I got :)

The main things I want to get for back to school are a black dress and colorful heels for the first day of school. Since our school colors are copper, black, and white (we're the longhorns), all the classes have different class colors. The freshman color usually varies, it's been brown, mine was yellow, there's been green, so that one changes. Sophomore class color is white, juniors is copper, and seniors is black. It is tradition for the senior girls to wear black dresses and colorful heels on the first day of school. So, that is the thing I am most looking forward to getting! 

Some examples of places I want to go: Old Navy, Target, Walmart, Rue21, Forever 21, and Papaya. Some examples of things I want to get (for school and not): stacking bracelets, more jewelry, dresses, skirts, nail polish, makeup, some stuff from HauteLook, my introductory Julep Maven box, and possible Disney On Ice! tickets! :D 

I'm such a 5 year old.....Oh well! What can I say, I love Disney! (And Merida, who happens to be in this Disney On Ice! show ♥)

Well, I'm done ranting. I gotta go with my mom to pick up my sister from the gym because her car needs a new motor, so it does not work. So, we only have my mom's van. Okay, now I'm done ranting.....

Have a great day guys and go check out my youtube channel :) 

-tyler alesia ♥


Yay for being a senior!

Later today (since it's 12:50 am), my mom and I may be going to the photography studio to set up an appointment for my formal senior picture (aka the one that goes in the yearbook). I will not be getting the rest of my senior pictures done at a studio as I am awkward around people and I don't want to do that. So, either my sister is going to borrow my uncle's nice camera or my uncle is going to take my pictures for me! I'm super excited to be finally doing my senior pictures! 

When I get them done, I will post a few on here for you guys to see! 

Have a good day everyone! 
-tyler alesia ♥


Nails from past week :)

Here's another installment of my "nails from the past week" posts!

Neon Nails! 
Raspberry Scented nails! 
Lilac toes! 
Painted my best friend's nails for her senior pictures, Galaxy nails! 
Orange scented nail polish! 
painted these today! Turquoise-green and pink striped accent nail! 
If any of you would like to know what colors were used, lemme know in the comments! 

-tyler alesia ♥

Absolutely in love!

But not with a person, haha. With my new Strawberry Watermelon Mio! I have never tried it before, but my sister and I got some today at Walmart so I figured I would go ahead and try it out! So, I grabbed a water bottle, put about 4 or 5 squeezes into it, and voila! Delicious beverage! 

It usually says one squeeze per 8 fl. oz. serving, and my water bottle is 16.9 oz., so I decided to do 2. I shook it up, and it was really watered down, like I hadn't put enough Mio in it. So, I added about 3 more squeezes, and it tasted so much better! You can put as many squeezes as you like in it until it tastes how you want it to. 

No, I am not affiliated with Mio in any way, I just wanted to share my delicious discovery with you guys! 

There are tons of flavors and I will have to try a bunch of them! (not all, because I don't like sweet tea!)

Have a great day guys! 

-tyler alesia ♥


Youtube Partners!

So, I just signed up to be a Youtube Partner! I think it is the coolest thing ever and I am super happy to start being a part of it! I sent in my request for my AdSense account and am waiting to hear back! I will keep you guys updated on this exciting news! 

-tyler alesia ♥


So, I have recently started to post videos that most people post on Youtube like the What's in My Purse videos and what not. I may become a normal Youtuber, haha! Here are the links to my 2 new videos I posted recently! 

What's In My Purse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LjExGAhfm0
Nail Polish Storage and Organization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SgD4IEzVp0

If you guys could check them out, that would be great! If you would like to see anymore videos such as tags, hauls, nail tutorials, a nail polish collection video, or anything else, either comment on those videos or comment below this post! 

Thanks guys! 
-tyler alesia ♥

That Awkward Moment When....

Your mom takes you to Walmart to get something to put all of your nail polish in, you find something, come home, and it all doesn't fit. And you find yourself still wanting to buy all the nail polish in the world. Here's all my nail polish and such :)
The storage container I bought today :) 
All the nail polish that fits into it, haha! 
What doesn't fit: My nail art stuff and 2 base coats
The shoebox my stuff used to be in, along with my Seventeen nail  thing, my makeup sponges for designs, and my color sheet with all the colors I have
My nail polish remover, Cotton balls, Q-tips, and some more nail stuff in the purple bucket behind it
I need a room for all of my nail stuff! I should start doing my friends nails, haha! Then I could buy more nail polish! Especially this collection that I LOVE because I love anything vintage! This is the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection from 2010, and I hate that I just found out about it! 
Click to make bigger (not my picture! I found it on google!)

Okay, enough of my rambling, have a good day guys! 
-tyler alesia ♥


Walgreens Haul :)

So, after lunch today at Waffle House, we stopped at Walgreens cause I wanted to get some nail polish. My mom also bought me a candy bar :) Here's what I got! 
New Crunch bar for Samoas cookies, IT'S SOOOOO GOOD! If you like Samoas, you'll LOVE this candy bar! 
My 2 new polishes :) 
Golden-I & Lacey Lilac
I love the Sally Hansen polishes, they're amazing! 

So, that's what I got! Have a good day everyone! 
-tyler alesia ♥


Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish Review!

So, today I took off my Fourth of July polish and decided to try my Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish. This is how it turned out! 

This is the Ionic Indigo Sally Hansen Magnetic polish and it is AWESOME. It took some practice on my thumb and my pointer finger, but once I got to my middle finger, it started to look more like the ads! The magnet cap even has a handy cuticle guide (it's like a piece of plastic you set on your finger to angle the magnet so your hands won't shake like mine do!) It's totally worth the $10 in my opinion! I will definitely be using this polish more often and even going to buy some more! One of the ladies at the Walgreens near my house told me they are having a sale on them tomorrow, YAY! :D 

I love how my nails look and I hope if you get this, you'll love it too! 

-tyler alesia ♥


Nails from the past week :)

So, I have painted my nails twice in the past week and I thought I would share with you!
My first attempt at cloud nails
My 4th of July nails ♥ (my hands shake, so the lines aren't straight)
The stars I tried to draw (again, my hands shake so....) 
Instagram pic of my 4th of July nails ♥
I will be trying out my new magnetic nail polish tomorrow, so I will post pics and also review the nail polish itself :) 

If you would like to know the colors used, comment below and I'll let you know! :D 

-tyler alesia ♥

Marietta Square shopping & a vintage shirt ♥

So, I just got home from going to Marietta Square and walking around with my mom. First, we went to a shop called Fit for a Queen, but they were closed and we're not sure why. So, we then went to a place called Doodlebugz. We looked around in there, but they are kinda pricey and I didn't have that much money so we decided to go somewhere else. I told my mom I would buy her some ice cream, so we went to Sweetreats where they blend the add-ins you want together with the ice cream and you get a soft serve combination! I got chocolate ice cream with strawberries and dark chocolate chips, and my mom got chocolate ice cream with cherries and fudge, YUM! We then went to Go Fish! Clothing and Jewelry and Shop Till You Drop, but they were expensive too. I wanted to go to The Corner Store, which is a British grocery and gift store, but my mom wouldn't let me :( So, we were going to head back to the car and leave, but I saw the antique mall and wanted to check it out. We went in and walked around, and I found the most GORGEOUS vintage floral shirt/jacket thingy (to my style, not necessarily my mom's) and I totally bought it ♥ Here are some pics! 
I love it! 
The ruffles go all around the shirt
There are even ruffles on the end of the sleeves! 
My style needed this shirt, so I had to get it. Seeing as I'm a girly-girl, I love anything vintage, floral, or with ruffles, and this was all 3! :D I cannot wait to wear it this fall/winter ♥ 

-tyler alesia ♥

4th of July haul!

So, at the Marietta Square in Georgia, we have a parade and then a bunch of vendors set up in the square with food and tons of different things to buy! Here's what I got at the square! 

Wicked ring, Anchor ring, Van Gogh 'Starry Night' ring
Flower earrings
Houndstooth earrings for football season (ROLL TIDE ♥) 
Wire wrapped stone ring
Everything was really cheap! The stuff in the first 3 pictures I got from the same vendor. I've gotten some of her stuff at another festival we had earlier this year. I love it! I'm actually going back to the square to go shopping today because my mom didn't take me yesterday while we were walking around. Another haul should be up later then! 

-tyler alesia ♥

My first haul post :)

On Tuesday, I went out with my mommy and Haley (my sister's friend's daughter who we watch during the week over the summer, she's 10) to Old Navy, Target, Ulta, and Walmart! I guess you could call some of it belated birthday presents! So, here's what I got and where! 
Old Navy- blue purse with handles and crossbody strap- On sale for $10 
Inside of purse
Old Navy- Shopping bag- $1
Old Navy- Red Cami- originally $12.50, on sale for $5 or $6  
Target- Neon bandeau bathing suit- $14.99 each piece
Target- strapless black peplum top- $17.99
Target- Merona long sleeve cardigan- originally $19.99, on clearance for $5. 68
Ulta- Orly Ridgefiller base coat- $5
Orly Instant Artist in Crisp White- $5
eos lip balm in Summer Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet- 2 for $6
Walgreens- Mentos Up2U gum in Sweet Mint & Bubble Fresh and Striped Red Strawberry & Starmint- 2 for $2
Touchscreen Stylus- $5

That's all that I got! I hoped you enjoyed this post :) I will definitely be posting more hauls! :D

-tyler alesia ♥ 


New music and such

So, Saturday was my birthday party. A couple of my friends got me $15 iTunes cards, so I had $30.19 to spend on iTunes. Yesterday, I went on and bought a BUNCH of stuff! So, I thought I would share what I bought with you guys and maybe you guys could be introduced to some new music :) 

  • Castle episode 'Always'
  • Castle episode 'The Blue Butterfly'
  • Good Time- Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Whistle- Flo Rida
  • Lights- Ellie Goulding 
  • Titanium ft. Sia- David Guetta
  • Back In Time- Pitbull
  • Everybody Talks- Neon Trees
  • Want U Back- Cher Lloyd
  • I Won't Give Up- Jason Mraz
  • Give Your Heart A Break- Demi Lovato
  • Both Of Us ft. Taylor Swift- B.o.B
  • Wipe Your Eyes- Maroon 5
  • One More Night- Maroon 5
  • (Kissed You) Good Night- Gloriana
  • Windows Down- Big Time Rush
  • Tongue Tied- Grouplove
  • How We Do (Party)- Rita Ora
  • Promises (Skrillex and Nero remix)- Nero
  • She's So Mean- Matchbox Twenty
  • Bangarang ft. Sirah- Skrillex
  • Anchor- Mindy Gledhill
So, there ya go! I love all of these songs and episodes so. now you have some new music to check out! Hope you enjoy them if you do check them out :) 

-Now Playing: Promises (Skrillex and Nero remix) ♥

tyleralesia ♥