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This will be my Castle before and after the episode blog post. Tonight's episode is entitled "Dial M for Murder." So, if you do not watch the episode tonight, DO NOT READ THIS POST LATER. I will probably post all my findings from the episode into a word document and then post it tomorrow since I have school tomorrow and Castle is over at 11 :) 

See you all after the episode! :D

January 22, 2012
-Today's my dad's birthday! And I also (finally) rewatched the episode and wrote down my thoughts :D 

If you have not watched Dial M for Mayor (Castle episode 4x12) DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! 
Last Monday's episode was entitled "Dial M for Mayor". It focused on a girl that was murdered who had ties to the mayor.

  1. The beginning shows a man driving a car with the victim dead in the passenger seat. He pulls down an alley and gets out, leaving the victim to be slumped over in the driver's seat. 
  2. It then goes to Castle's loft where Martha is reenacting the storm scene from 'King Lear.'
  3. Alexis runs into Castle's office and he tells her that "Yes, you can take your Grandmother and her production of King Lear to college with you."
  4. He gives her the idea to travel before college and she tells him she could get and internship, thanks him, and runs out.
  5. He then overhears Martha say a line about daughters and proceeds to say, "Daughters, that's why King Lear went mad."
  6. At the scene, Castle tells Beckett that Martha's acting studio flooded while rehearsing the King Lear storm scene so that is why she is at the loft.
  7. Esposito finds the victim's purse in the dumpster in the alley and it doesn't have a cell phone in it.
  8. Beckett: "What kind of girl in her 20's doesn't have a cell phone?" Castle: "Maybe she's Amish."
  9. Ryan ran the plate of the car and it was registered to the City Hall Motor Pool and that the last one to check the car out was Mayor Wheldon.
  10. Beckett and Castle are in the Mayor's office and she asks the Mayor where he was last night around the time the victim was killed. He then asks Castle, "One of New York's finest?" To which Castle replies: "She's the best." Then Beckett and Castle exchange a cute look :D
  11. The Mayor asks Castle why he wasn't at the event last night, and Castle says it was fondue night with Alexis. (awww ♥ )
  12. You then see Wendell! (If you watch Bones, you know who I'm talking about. For those who don't, Michael Grant Terry.)
  13. The Mayor's assistant or something like that tells Beckett that he basically did her job for her. She then gets really badass.
  14. He tells her: "You're wasting your time." To which Beckett awesomely replies: "It's my time to waste." 
  15. Back at the precinct, Beckett is called into Gates office who basically tells her, in more words, that she is watching how she handles the case.
  16. Apparently, Ryan finds out the girl really didn't have a cell phone. Esposito then says: "Amish theory's looking pretty good, bro."
  17. Beckett and Castle go to the victim's apartment where the super, Mr. Harvey, is telling them about her. You then hear noisy tenants from next door and Mr. Harvey says: "Excuse me officer and, uh, gentleman." 
  18. Of course, Castle has to make a joke. "Officer and a Gentleman, that could be the name of our crime blog." Beckett of course has to jab at him (but it's true...): "Crime blog? By the way you help me write police reports, got a feeling I'll be writing that one on my own."
  19. Mr. Harvey comes back and says: "You ever get bored, I'm sure I could fill up a couple of holding cells for ya."
  20. Ryan finds where the victim was working, a D.A.G Corp. It's in a suite at the end of some sketchy hallway and Castle is theorizing about what it could be. Suddenly, they hear a woman saying "please, stop, don't." And Beckett goes into cop mode. She grabs her gun and kicks the door in, only to find a ton of women on the phone. She asks out loud, "What is this place?" to which Castle replies: "I'd say it's about $4.99 a minute. It's not a sweat shop, it's a sex shop." Meaning, D.A.G stands for Dial A Goddess.
  21. They talk to the woman in charge, who is also known as the Chief Sexecutive Officer.....um, okay.
  22. Sarah, the call router, tells Beckett that the calls aren't just about sex, some people call to talk. She says "Sometimes, it's..." To which Castle finishes with "Therapy...(and gets a funny look from Beckett) or, so I've been told....." Nice save Castle.
  23. You're then at Castle's loft where he is talking to Martha. And her necklace is absolutely gorgeous!
  24. And then, Castle gets a phone call, but it's not Beckett. It's him. (The same guy who called him in Rise, that mysterious man.)
  25. It then goes to Castle getting off the elevator at the 12th and Beckett is on the phone and chewing something. She gets off the phone and takes her coffee from Castle who doesn't say anything. And of course, she knows something is wrong, but he tells her nothing is wrong.
  26. Beckett tells him Lanie found fibers in the victim's throat from a light brown cashmere coat.  Castle then says that they're apparently looking for a "rich man with impeccable taste." Beckett replies: "Are you saying you're a suspect?" Of course, Castle replies: "Alexis is my alibi."
  27. And suddenly, there is more evidence that points to the mayor. 
  28. Gates comes into the break room and asks Beckett if they have any connections between the victim and the mayor. She tells her no and Gates reminds her to tell her if the find any. But they have found a connection. "Great, now I'm a liar."
  29. More evidence against the mayor, and Beckett trying to be more professional towards Castle since he's biased.
  30. Ryan, Esposito, and Beckett are seated around her desk and they tell her that the first thing Gates will do if it is the mayor, is get rid of Castle. Beckett looks sad and says she knows, and you can tell Espo and Ryan know she loves Castle.
  31. Gates basically tells Beckett to do her job no matter what the cost.
  32. Beckett and Castle go see the mayor to try and get him to cooperate, but he doesn't want to.
  33. Beckett and Castle have a little fight, and like in other times of weakness, she calls him Rick. 
  34. Castle meets the mysterious man who keeps contacting him a dark parking lot and says that he is trying to keep Beckett safe.
  35. Beckett is watching footage and Ryan walks in the room. She tells him she's met the mayor a couple times before this and that she likes him. Ryan then tells her, like a big brother, "You didn't set his house on fire." She replies: "No, I just threw gasoline on it."
  36. Finally, they find evidence that points away from the mayor, but now it points to Jordan Norris, aka the guy I was talking about before. (Wendell from Bones)
  37. Beckett gets him to name a name in his interrogation but before he can say it, his lawyer walks in like a douchebag and stops him from saying any more.
  38. Castle then sees Gates tell Beckett, "It's a long game, Kate, play it piece by piece."
  39. Castle meets the mysterious man again and he tells him that Kate is safe again. Castle wants to know why this all happened and was connected, but the man says my favorite line: " Do you play chess, Mr. Castle? Sometimes a well placed pawn is more powerful than a king." 
And there ya have it! I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did :D 

Don't forget, new episode on tomorrow night at 10pm entitled "An Embarrassment of Bitches." 

I'll make a blog for that one of course! See you tomorrow! 

xoxo, tyler


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