Thanksgiving Break!

Hello everyone! 

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, school and work has kept me REALLY busy! This week is my Thanksgiving break from school and I am so glad that break is here! I still have schoolwork to do, but it's nice to just be able to chill for the most part for a few days. 

Tuesday night I'm going to see Moana with my friend Christina and I'm super stoked! I am soooo excited to see this movie! 

Thursday is Thanksgiving and my dad's niece and her family are coming down from Chicago for the weekend! I, of course, will be working Thanksgiving night (retail probs) but I have an amazing group of co-workers I will be with so I am super stoked. 

Next week when I come back from break will be the last week before finals so I will definitely be too busy to do any updates until after I finish my finals! 

I'll also try to do a Black Friday haul of whatever I can get this weekend in between working! 

I'm going to head to bed so I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a very happy Thanksgiving! 

****AND PLEASE REMEMBER: If you go shopping on Thanksgiving night for Black Friday deals, please don't be condescending to the workers by saying "poor you, having to work on Thanksgiving." You deciding to come out shopping and be away from YOUR family is part of the problem. I would love to be at home watching football with my dad, but because businesses want to make more money, I have to be at work on a holiday. So please be respectful of the retail workers you encounter and do not try and fight. The customer may always "be right," but sometimes you have to accept that you are, in fact, wrong. The workers know what is on sale, what's not, if you can use coupons, if coupons are expired, etc. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS.****

Okay, soapbox rant over! 

Have a wonderful week everyone! 

♥♥ tyleralesia