New video coming up soon!

So, tomorrow is the last day of classes for Spring semester, WOO! I also have a Criminal Justice test that day that, if I make a 90 on, will exempt me from that final! 

The south is experiencing some bad weather, but all's good in my neck of the woods in GA so far! 

Back to my original reason for this post!

So, I'm going to be filming an April Favorites video tomorrow since I haven't done a favorites video in FOREVER. There's gonna be a lot of fun stuff on my favorites video this time! 

Be on the lookout late tomorrow or early Thursday for a post with my video! 

Have a good day everyone and, if you're near the big storms, please be safe!

♥ tyleralesia


About Me Tag!

So, I haven't been on in a while. It's almost time for finals at college and I'm gonna be worrying about that the next few weeks. BUT, I figured I'd give you guys a little something until I can hopefully blog some more over the summer! So, I decided to do this little 'Get to Know Me' tag! Here we go!

Do you have a middle name?
I do! It's Alesia (Uh-Lee-See-Uh). Most people try to pronounce it like Alicia which bugs me. 

What's your favorite subject at school?
Well, at college you can't really have a favorite subject cause you take so many different classes but I would probably go with my major, which is chemistry. I really liked chemistry in high school so I'm majoring in Forensic Chemistry with a minor in Criminal Justice. 

What's your favorite drink?
Unsweet tea with Lemon. Ironic, because I live in the south. 

Favorite song at the moment?

That's a hard one! Right now, I'm between 

  • Bang It Out by Breathe Carolina ft. Karmin
  • Pulses by Karmin
  • 23 by Mike Will Made-It ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J
  • Change Your Life by Iggy Azalea
  • Fancy by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX 
They're all so good I can't choose just one!!! 

What would you name your children?
Hmm... I'm partial to Disney characters so I think Elsa Arendelle or Merida Elinor for a girl, and Flynn, Gavin, Noah, and Emmett for a boy. 

Do you participate in any sports?
I dance, and I used to be on a bowling league. But that's about the extent of my sport abilities. (I have horrible hand eye coordination haha!)

Favorite book?
Hm, The Great Gatsby and probably either Wicked or any of the Richard Castle Nikki Heat books.

Favorite color?

Favorite animal?
My favorite animal is the flamingo. Cause they're pink. I also really love peacocks. 

Favorite perfume?
Well, I used to use the Juicy Couture perfume, but I recently love the smell of Fame by Lady Gaga. I also love the smell of Boyfriend and Billionaire Boyfriend by Kate Walsh. 

Have you graduated high school?
I have! Class of 2013 from Kell High School in Marietta, Ga! 

Have you ever been out of the country?
I have not but I would love to travel to another country!

Do you speak any other languages?
I dabble in French occasionally, but English is pretty much it. The last time I took French was freshman year of high school so... I've kinda lost it. 

Do you have any siblings?
I do! I have an older brother and an older sister. Funny thing, we're all 10 years apart. My brother was born in '75, my sister in '85, and me in '95. 

What's your favorite store?
For clothes, probably like Target, Charlotte Russe, or Forever 21. For accessories, Charming Charlie (my work!). For shoes, Payless! 

Favorite restaurant?
Well I really love Waffle House, but a little fancier is probably Moe's or Twisted Kitchen! 

Do you like school?
I love school! College is a new experience and it has been amazing so far! 

Favorite youtubers? 
I really like Kandee Johnson and Lindsey Sterling (even though she's not really a "youtuber.")

Favorite movie?

Favorite TV Show?

PC or Mac?
PC! Mac's confuse me! 

What phone do you have?
iPhone 4! I know, I'm behind on the times but I'm saving up for an iPhone 5c or 5s over the summer! 

How tall are you?

Well, this is gonna be funny. I'm 4'10.5". I know, I'm short. 

Well, there you go! I'll probably be back in a week or so with a look back on my first year of college! Have a wonderful week guys!

♥ tyleralesia