Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

So, I will soon be the owner of a bottle of the very hard to find Sally Hansen polish, Hidden Treasure! I have the other polish of the same name that is the pearl pink opalescent polish, but I found the original on ebay and ordered it! 

Here's the two polishes to show you the difference: 

This is the one I have

This is the one I ordered off of ebay

You can clearly see the difference between the two polishes, and I cannot wait to receive the second one! 

-tyleralesia ♥



YAYYY!!! After having these stupid things on for almost 7 years, they are finally off! They literally came off in like 5 minutes! The nurse told me to go brush my teeth and I thought she had only taken the wires out! It was quick and easy (well, minus all the brushing and rinsing and getting the cement off my teeth!) I absolutely love not having them anymore! 

Here's me before I got them off: 

And here's after! 

I am so happy to have them off!