It's my 18th birthday! ...Almost!

Well, it's the 23rd and my birthday is the 24th, but it's close enough! It's really weird to think that soon I'll be 18. (well, I'll officially be 18 at 2:01 pm :) 

My birthday plans include going to work, a.k.a babysitting my sister's friend's kids, going to lunch with my sister, her friend and the kids, going back to babysitting, going home, changing, my best friend is coming over, then me, my mom, my dad, my sister and her are all going to dinner!

It's weird to finally be 18. Now I can buy lottery tickets and win some money! Haha! I'll probably do an outfit of the day post tomorrow night or Tuesday with the outfits I wore on my birthday! 

I hope you guys have a wonderful day/night/afternoon, whatever time of day it is where you live! I'll be here waiting for the clock to strike midnight and the facebook notifications to begin! 

tyler alesia ♥