Update! :)

Hey guys! Life is CRAZY nowadays! I'm in my school's production of the musical, Anything Goes, and we've had rehearsal just about every day since January! The musical is March 7-9th and I am so excited! Also, I am getting my braces off (FINALLY) in a little over a week, March 1st! Lastly, which doesn't really take up too much of my time, but Prom (my last one!) is on March 23rd! 

So, I've been really busy! My nail polish collection has DEFINITELY increased since my last post, and it will continually increase! My mom is getting me new polishes when she gets paid, so I'll put a post up about those when I get them! 

I may also have a post about my experience in the musical, so look out for that as well! 

Love you guys! 

-tyler alesia ♥