Hey everyone! I know I have been super MIA, but honestly, I haven't really thought of anything to blog about! So, I figured I'd just give you a little update on what I've been doing and also a little tidbit about my birthday tomorrow!

I've mainly been working, watching Netflix, watching YouTube vloggers, and going to orientation at my college to introduce freshmen and transfer students to Omega Phi Alpha! 

And tomorrow, June 24th, is my 20th birthday! My day is gonna be pretty fun, I'm gonna have french toast for breakfast, go to orientation at my college and tell a bunch of girls about Omega Phi Alpha, then go get lunch and see Inside Out with one of my best friends, then come home and have dinner with my family! 

Saturday I'm having a party with some of my friends and I'm having a taco bar! I might make a post all about it and I'm planning on doing a June haul since I've gotten a lot of stuff so far, and I'm gonna include my birthday presents as well! 

Hope you guys are still sticking around with me and I might update you tomorrow about my birthday or maybe on Sunday after my party! 

Have a great week everyone! 

♥♥ tyleralesia