Nails! :)

So, I've painted my nails a lot recently (I basically paint them every other day it seems, haha!) I'm kind of obsessed with painting my nails. So, here are some pictures of my nails from recently! :) 

Fourth of July themed nails (I actually painted them for my dad for Father's Day)

Sparkle and red

Turquoise and Orange (left hand)

Turquoise and yellow (right hand) (same blue as above picture, the lighting changed last second when I took the picture) 

blue and mint green with green stripes

If you guys would like to know any of the colors used, just comment below and I'll let you know! I hope you enjoy! Thanks guys :) 

-tyleralesia ♥



yes, that's right. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY :D It's my favorite day of the year!

And, I already got one present today....MARY MCCORMACK FROM IN PLAIN SIGHT RETWEETED ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY!! :D That's 2 years in a row!

Now, getting Stana Katic to tweet you for your birthday...really hard.

Anyways, I should be going to breakfast in a while...I don't know how long. My mom has to get ready and I don't even know if my sister is up...then, around 1, we are picking up my best friend Ashleigh to go get Cold Stone Ice Cream ♥ After that, we're going to my sister's friend's house to get my present and then we're gonna go see Brave at a theater where you can eat dinner and watch the movie :) Then, we're gonna come home, eat cookie cake, and Ashleigh is spending the night :D 

That's Ashleigh and me :) 

Sounds like it's gonna be a blast! I can't wait! 

-Tyler Alesia ♥




Anyways, I was watching the Rizzoli & Isles season 2 bloopers, and at one point, Angie Harmon says the above (title too). And it made me DIE laughing. She also had these two quotes, that I love. 

"I'm off......like a prom dress."
"When the ratings are low, the clothes must go." 

Haha! I love her! Anyways, I decided to turn it into something with you guys and my instagram and twitter followers. I am starting #inappropriatewednesday. This will be where, basically the whole day, you find as many inappropriate things as you can. These can include: 

  • people
  • clothes/outfits
  • sentences people say that have sexual innuendo
  • sentences you may overhear that are awkwardly inappropriate (for example, one day at school I was walking to class and heard a guy say to his friend "hey, how's the herpes?" uhm...awkward.)
  • any sentence you can make a "that's what he/she said" joke to
This should be fun, especially at my high school with my friends when school starts in August. We'll be seeing and hearing a LOT of these! 

If you find any, comment or tweet me! 

Have fun!!! :D 
-Tyler Alesia ♥

CBGB the movie

So, they are making a movie about the famous rock club in NYC, CBGB. And, they are filming this movie in Savannah starting the day after my birthday. 


I don't live far, and it would be a FANTASTIC summer trip then spending my summer at my house the whole time. Talk about BORING. 

But, my favorite actress is going to be in it, and I would die if I could meet her! Some of you may know her as Kate Beckett on Castle. She is the lovely, talented, and drop dead gorgeous STANA KATIC. 

She is amazing and it would be a dream to meet her! I also wanted to bring my best friend with me to go to Savannah, and I am badly trying to convince my mom because: 
  1. we only have one car (my sister's is dead)
  2. my sister has to go to work
  3. we watch my sister's friend's kids over the summer
Ugh, hopefully I can convince her and I will keep you updated. Because, I really don't want to spend my summer at home. Trust me, I've done it for about 3/4 of my school years and it's very boring. I haven't even been to the pool yet. Yeah, my summer sucks.

Anyways, I'm gonna post something else not related to this! 

If you've read this far, congratulations! You're almost done!
-Tyler Alesia ♥


Painted mine and my "niece's" nails :)

So, we watch my sister's friend's kids during the summer and Zachy went to work with his dad today so we just had miss Haley. I needed to paint my nails because the polish was chipping off and she really wanted me to do the galaxy nails on her nails, so I did. Here's how they came out! 

Haley's Galaxy Nails

My nails (blue glitter on top of black)

My Golden Retriever Bosco who wanted us to play with him ♥

The colors used in our nail designs are:
  • Covergirl- Midnight Magic
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear- Blizzard Blue
  • Orly- Green Apple
  • Pure Ice- Coral Reef
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear- White On
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear- Strobe Light
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear- Black Out
  • Orly- Spazmatic
The colors are on my nail polish page at the top of my blog :) 
Hope you enjoyed! :) 




So, I recently have become obsessed with painting my nails. Here are some pics of my nails recently! 

This is me (top) and my friend Ashleigh (bottom)

 Candy colored nails :) 

Orange with Pink accent nail

Orange and Pink/Orange accent nail

DIY nail stickers (left hand) 

DIY nail stickers (right hand)

GALAXY NAILS ♥ (left hand)

GALAXY NAILS ♥ (right hand)

If anyone would like to know the colors used in any of these pictures, or would like a tutorial for any of the designs, just comment below and let me know! I'll be posting more nail designs and such whenever I repaint them :) I hope you all enjoy! 

-Tyler Alesia ♥