My procratination involves this post

I'm currently sitting in my room, watching The Core with Hilary Swank (who is a beasttt, just saying :) on Syfy, and procrastinating on packing.

Why would I be packing you ask?

Because I'm finally going to meet my best friend Samantha Kay Taylor on Thursday!!! A 13+ hour drive to Oklahoma, but it'll all be worth it. Plus, I'll be occupied anyways!

So I'm going to continue procrastinating and also come up with a name for my laptop, it needs one :)

peace guys and have a great day :)

xoxo tyler


Some Awesome Bones Pics :)

Hey ya'll! If you'd like to read my Post about the season 6 finale of Bones, The Change in the Game, it is down below this!

I found some really funny pictures online, thought I'd share them with you! Most of these are variations on the WWII Poster with the saying "Keep Calm and Carry On."


This one is so cute :D

I enjoy this one very much, haha.

Have to admit, probably one of my favorites.

I saw this one and started cracking up, haha.

Oh Hart Hanson :)


This is currently the background on my phone, just saying.


How can you be calm with news like this?!

Trust me, I'm trying. It's only been a week and I feel like it's been a month!

And one of my absolute favorites :)

There ya go! If you would like to find some of these yourself, go on google images and type in 'bones keep calm'.

peace ♥
xoxo tyler

Bones "The Change in the Game" Season Finale post

BE PREPARED. This was 3 pages long on Microsoft Word.

***OR, if you enjoy being spoiled, read on!***

1.       Gosh, that kid is so bratty. I wasn’t even that bad, geez.
2.       Those kids are now scarred for life, just saying.
3.       That kid didn’t look convinced that he would behave, haha.
4.       Angela pouring hot sauce on everything, then telling Hodgins it’s not that hot.
5.       Hodgins believes her, then starts choking, lmao.
6.       Brennan being clueless, once again.
7.       Brennan’s use of the word “whoopee”….hilarious.
8.       Booth understanding Brennan, of course.
9.       And I still find it funny that David’s name is next to Emily and Emily’s name is next to David’s in the intro.
10.   Commercial Break on Fox.com where I’m watching the episode and blogging from…. Why do I have to wait over a minute for the show to come back on? Grr.
11.   I don’t care about yard work, sorry Home Depot.
12.   Yay! It’s back.
13.   Wendell using the word “Brennannize.” I’ll have to use that.
14.   I still do not understand how they didn’t get bowling out of that.
15.   Then Hodgins going all Conspiracy nut…
16.   Hodgins freaking out about Angela….
17.   And I don’t quite know how Angela hasn’t hit one of them or something.
18.   Wendell: “My mom went into labor after riding a roller coaster." Hodgins: "That explains a lot…”
19.   Oh Sweets, I have missed you.
20.   Only Booth would know the name of Brennan’s dad’s bowling league…. Just saying.
21.   “I thought he promised not to do that anymore.” With Max, I don’t think anything can be considered a “promise.” More like a “I’ll try, but I don’t come with a guarantee like those dumb products on infomercials.”
22.   Brennan being all best friend-y.
23.   Angela confused for once by Brennan and not the other way around…
24.   Does anyone find it weird that Max’s “lady-friend” is about the same age as Brennan…and probably younger than Booth..?
25.   The cute smile when Booth says “girlfriend.”
26.   “Something weird here, you’re almost polite to each other… you having a fight?”
27.   Brennan distinguishing smells in the bowling alley. So squinty.
28.   Buck and Wanda are back, baby!
29.   And does anyone else find that they cannot focus on anything remotely squinty Brennan says with that crazy wig on?
30.   Booth looks like he’s straight outta the 80’s….and I love it.
31.   "That’s FiancĂ©e to be more exact." Something IS going on, that's a clue. Remember Woman in the Sand, season 2? "Engaged to be engaged." Not this time baby, it's the real thing. Well, undercover real thing...
32.   "Now that’s my muffin at work!"
33.   Brennan being hit on, lol. Imagine if she didn’t have her wig on…
34.   And Alison Rose is hilarious, I have a friend named Alison Rose so i found it funny.
35.   "Nice to meet you The Raven."
36.   Wendell telling Hodgins that Brennan will put him in the pinsetter…then Hodgins agreeing.
37.   That sounds really painful….pieces of your skull going into your brain killing you? Yeah. Ow.
38.   The song that’s on when they’re bowling? LMAO. So random and hilarious. Is that a real song? I hope so.
39.   I enjoy seeing Emily’s adorable little baby bump underneath the shirt that she has on, she’s so cute.
40.   “World Champion of the World? That’s a redundant statement.” “I’m so good they have to say it twice!” Uhm, no.
41.   Cute smiles and giggles from Brennan and Booth when Max tells them to be more affectionate.
42.   I swear, Bones has some really crazy product placement. Windows Phones, laptops with Windows 7, Doritos...but I don’t mind at all.
43.   “And a rock n roll god is really the go to guy for obstetrics.” LOL
44.   Angela going into labor and yelling it’s showtime, lol.
45.   Hodgins trying to be calm.
46.   “GET THE CAR!” “RIGHT! WHERE THE HELL ARE MY KEYS!!!???” I swear, Hodgins should’ve put his keys in his pocket so he wouldn’t be running like a chicken with it’s head cut off through the lab trying to find them…although that is entertaining.
47.   Angela being evil when she’s in labor, haha. She cracks me up.
48.   And then Angela being super nice. She’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Labor.
49.   Product placement. Haha
50.   Michaela Conlin is very convincing when she is playing Angela in labor.
51.   Wendell: “We’re solving a murder.” Dr. Bano:  “Im pretty sure we’re supposed to be solving a baby.”
52.   The program is called Spatula? Random much? LOL
53.   “We are solving a murder when we’re supposed to be concentrating on bringing a life into the world.” That doctor is awesome.
54.   "I’ll run it through the Scapula." "…Spatula." Oh Wendell, you're so squinty. 
55.   Blake about Amber: “That kid was raised by wolves, til she killed and ate them all.” HAHA.
56.   Blake: “Daddy must’ve been a baker cause that is a great set of buns.” Max: “Down boy!” Blake: “Oh that’s okay you got your eye on her too, I get it!” I'm suprised Max didn't kill him...
57.   Max giving bowling advice, lol.
58.   "Buck’s on the truck, driving the truck, Buck truck!" WOW. He really just said that, LMAO.
59.   Booth calling Brennan’s light a “murder ray.”
60.   Booth: “You steal cars.” Blake: “That would make me a thief, not a cheater."
61.   “Case of the Killer Crazies.” Lol Booth
62.   Hodgins freaking out when Angela death grips him, lol!
63.   The Raven: “Are you being so cruel to me in the hope of getting some kind of crazy murderer response?” Sweets: “Yeah, I am.” *looks down.* The Raven: “That’s extremely cold hearted.” Sweets: “That’s my job.” Sad face lol
64.   “We’re in s]Spatula….i think.” Never thought I’d hear that
65.   Kitty playing with the skull, teehee
66.   Wendell screwing up the Angelatron
67.   “Omygod did you hit purge? Hey hey! Get away from my equipment!” “ Do you want me to…”  “NO, walk away Wendell, don’t touch anything!”
69.   “Sometimes when you speak, it’s like you watch PBS on purpose.”
70.   “Something is wrong, he shouldn’t have been able to do that.” “Oh honey, give the man his props!” “I’d like to, but it’s simply improbable.” Poor Booth. But it is highly improbable.
71.   Wendell: "Force = mass x acceleration. To break a nose, you need a very low force with a large mass." First day of Summer, and I learned something. Except the formula for force, knew that.
72.   Cam: “This is like watching Michelle do her homework…”
73.   2.26 kilograms = 5 pounds. Thanks Cam.
74.   "If Buck and I ever have a child she will not turn out like Amber." "I find it helpful to remain in character." … yeah okay “character.” That’s what you’re calling it these days Brennan?
75.   "This is Wanda... at the bowling alley…."  Lmao bones
76.   Brennan: "If we ever had a child like that Buck…" Booth: "Oh no, that’s NEVER EVER gonna happen Wanda, EVER." *Brennan’s face like “oh, uhm, about that…”*
77.   "This in wanda. The bowler, at the bowling tournament, bowling…." I think Wendell gets it Brennan.
78.   Hodgins: "Chips, flakes, shards, fragments, slivers, chunks, lumps, shavings, snippets, this is what I do." Wendell: "Okay everybody is getting a little cranky now." I just learned some new synonyms, thanks Hodgins. I'm on summer vacation, I'd rather NOT learn anything...
79.   Brennan: “If what you found was a flake, that suggests that the *muffled* murder weapon was not a bowling ball.” *looks around to see if anyone heard*
80.   Hodgins: “It’s time to push.” *in his head: FML.*
81.   Booth: “Who owns a motorcycle?” Max: “George Clooney does.” Not what he meant Max...
82.   Booth: “Well we quit.” Then Amber's temper tantrum, haha
83.   Amber: "You mullet haired hick!" Oh, Booth got pissed and ripped off his wig. Some funny ish right there.
84.   Max hits the guy with his cane, lmao
85.   Booth tells Brennan to  “stop her” meaning Amber, yet she doesn’t and Amber kicks the owner in the nuts, lmao
86.   “YOU ARE A HORRIBLE CHILD!” Oh Brennan, you just now noticed that? ;)
87.   Adele song + Bones= LOVE
88.   Hodgins and Angela’s cuteness
89.   “You’re gonna be great parents no matter what happens." AWZ
90.   Brennan looking super anxious about the baby being born.
91.   "Your son’s vision is fine. Everything about him is just fine." Anybody got tissues??
92.   HE’S SO ADORABLE! And he comes with a free hat, haha.
93.   Brennan nervously playing with the bunny
94.   Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins, AWWW so sweet.  
95.   “These are your friends.” Yes, yes they are baby Michael.
96.   Only couples give gifts together... *HINT HINT*
97.   Brennan’s apprehensive-ness when Booth tells her having a baby is a great thing.
98.   Booth “What?”
99.   “Im-Im pregnant.”
100.  Booth's face: *wh-what?"
101.  “You’re the father.”
102.  Booth's face now: *OHMYGOSHHH. YES!*
103.  That just happened. Someone call 911, I think I’m dead.
So there ya have it! I cannot wait for season 7 and im gonna go crazy over the summer, just saying.
Have a fantabulisticulous day everyone!

xoxo tyler


SUMMER 2011 :)

It's officially SUMMER for me :) I'm so excited and I passed all my classes so I am officially a JUNIOR! Halfway through high school :D

Anyways, I am super excited because tomorrow will be one week until Oklahoma! I will finally be meeting my friend Samantha after almost 3 years of being friends online ♥

So I'm really bored and im probably going to go now.

I will possibly make a Bones SEASON FINALE blog post tomorrow or maybe even tonight since I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP AT ANY ACTUAL TIME! :D


Well, im gonna go and see if I want to start that Bones blog post.

xoxo tyler


Sorry guys!

Hey guys. So, I've decided I'm not going to do recipes anymore, maybe every once in a while if I try one and I like it. Let's face it, it's a PAIN IN THE BUTT! So, my blog is now going to just be things about Summer (WHICH STARTS TOMORROW!!!!), my shows I love, trips, and anything else fun that happens!

Let's start:

I am officially a junior TOMORROW. I have 1 more final than it's summer 2011 for me! Super excited and cannot wait to go finally meet my best friend for the past 2 years, Samantha Kay next week. ♥ 

Also, I just read that Christopher Meloni is leaving Law and Order SVU after 12 years. SVU is sure to fall apart now since Mariska is only going to be part time. Let's face it, EO is never happening and the basis of mine and Sam's friendship is gone. But I'm so glad we have other things to talk about than SVU so we can continue to be friends forever. Maybe I can get her hooked on Bones.... ;)

Speaking of BONES:

HOLY CRAP. Was I the only that watched the Finale?? I was CRYING. Super excited for season 7 and super excited for all the #ProjectBones activities this summer hiatus ♥

So, my hand hurts and I should probably study for my math final before the SEASON FINALE OF GLEE comes on at 9! Stupid American Idol....

Anywho, tomorrow when I ramble some more, I will be a Junior! Sophomore year? CHECK.

xoxo tyler