First day of Junior year of college!

Hello everyone! Today was my first day of my junior year at Kennesaw State and I had a pretty amazing day! I only had two classes today (8am and 9:30am) so I was done at about 10:30 since our professor let us out early! 

I had my Police in America class for my Criminal Justice minor and my Communications class which is a Gen Ed class. I love my professor for my P.I.A class because I've had him for two other classes and he's absolutely amazing. I also love my professor for my Comm class because she's hilarious and plays music before class! 

I'm super excited for tomorrow; I've got Biology, History since 1877, and Chorale! Then, my Bio lab starts next Wednesday and I'll have that every Wednesday until the end of the semester. 

So far, I've got my friend Meredith in 3 of my classes, my sorority sister Virginia in my history class, and my Big in my Biology class!

I've also got a busy semester with my sorority full of sisterhood, service projects, and tons of new activities with the new pledges we'll be getting this semester! I can't wait for my little to get her own little and experience all the fun that is Big/Little week and Reveal! 

I'll try and update as the semester goes on but, unfortunately, I can't make any promises! 

Have a great week guys! 

♥♥ tyleralesia