Lilly for Target Haul + Review!

Hey everyone! Today, my Lilly for Target stuff arrived at my house while I was at class and I came hope and opened it and promptly tried everything on! So, here's me wearing my stuff as well as a review of everything! 

First: Girls XL My Fans Pompom shorts

Please ignore whatever my foot is doing...

  • These shorts are SOO COMFY. I'm so glad I can fit into a Girls XL because I needed these shorts in my life! They are 100% Rayon, have little white pompoms on the bottoms and sides, and a different Ikat type design on the little side sections (see above!) These were $12. 
Next:Girls XL Sea Urchin for You Pants

  • These pants are also very comfortable! They are also 100% Rayon and have sand dollars and starfish on them. I believe mine are a little darker than the one's shown on the website (could just be my lighting or their's!) but they are super comfortable and cute nonetheless! These were $16. (Another reason I love the girls clothes, they're cheaper!)

Last: Women's Sz. Small My Fans Jersey Tank Top

Back of the shirt! (please ignore my bra strap)

  • This shirt is seriously the cutest top I think I own! It's a high-low style tank where the back is slightly longer than the front. On me, the lowest point on the back hit almost to the bottom of my shorts! This tank top fits true to size and is made of such a comfy fabric! This was $22.

And there you have it! Special thanks to my dad (who's not very good at taking pictures) for taking all of the outdoor shots for me! (And for not dropping my $200 Canon camera!) Hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

Have a good week everyone! 

♥♥ tyleralesia


My Lilly for Target Launch Experience!

If you love Lilly Pulitzer and were super excited for the launch, I hope you were online and got what you wanted because it sold out quickly in the stores near me! This is going to be a post all about my experience with the launch of the Lilly for Target collection!

One of my friends who works at Target told me she believed it launched at midnight. (I live on the east coast). So, I anxiously awaited midnight...and nothing. So, I googled it, and saw someone had heard 2am. I assumed EST so I waited and waited. 2am came...nothing. By now, I had been on Twitter along with thousands of others talking about it. I then googled it again and read "between midnight and 2am CST." WHAT.

So, I stayed up until 3. It launched for me some point between 3 and 3:30 I think and I quickly jumped on the chance. The shift dress I wanted was sold out so I got the shorts I wanted and found another shift dress. I went to go to my cart after checking to see if some other stuff I liked were still available... and it would not let me in. I went on Twitter and some people said it was working on mobile, so I went on my phone and had a different item along with my shorts (the shift dress sold out since I couldn't get into my cart), and went to check out...then they crashed the site to fix it. UGH.

So, I anxiously refreshed my phone and my laptop browsers until around 4 or so, when it finally came back up on my laptop. I grabbed my shorts, found a pair of pants still in stock (in the girls size, yay for being small!) and the tank top I wanted that had previously said it was sold out! I finally checked out around 4:15am and got my confirmation to my email! YAY! 

I'm really glad I didn't go to the store but I'm also really sad I couldn't get my shift dress. Looks like I'll be checking eBay for that and/or possibly saving up for a full priced shift dress! 

I really wish that Target would've anticipated a larger group of people because there were a ton of people online and the site kept crashing. I feel like they didn't think it was going to be as big as it was, but they were dead wrong.

But hey, I got 3 things and I cannot WAIT until they come in! I will do a haul post/video when I get them to show you all what I managed to snag! Here's some pictures of the stuff I got though! 
Pom Pom shorts in My Fans (I got a girls size XL)
Women's jersey tank in My Fans (I got a small)
Pants in Sea Urchin For You (I got a Girls XL)

I don't think I've ever been happier that I can fit into a girls XL than I am now! I'm so happy I at least got these 3 things and I can't wait to have them in my hands! 

So that's my Lilly for Target launch experience! Were you online or did you try and brave the store? Did you get anything? If so, lemme know in the comments! If not, lemme know what you were looking for! 

Have a great week everyone!


College is hard.


I should totally be studying for a Calculus test I have tomorrow. But what am I doing instead? Typing this blog post and listening to Chandelier by Sia on iTunes radio on my phone and also texting my friend Kelly.

"Why aren't you studying?" You may ask.

It's simple: I. Hate. Calculus. Yeah I know, it's my last test before my final and I'm not doing very well in Calc and I should definitely be trying to save my grade. But college is hard. And calculus is hard. And I'm like the worst procrastinator ever. So, I'll study in the morning before my test and hopefully do not completely horrible on my test. 

(currently dancing to Can't Stop Dancin' by Becky G while typing)

So yeah, I'm gonna probably go to sleep soon and wake up and try to cram a bunch of Calculus knowledge into my head before my test at 11.

G'night all, and don't be like me. Study!

♥♥ tyleralesia


I BOUGHT AN ENO! Review and pics!

Hey everyone! So, if you know anyone who's outdoorsy or if you go to college, you've most likely seen an Eno around. Enos are nylon hammocks that you can hang from pretty much anywhere! Some of my sorority sisters have them and I love them, so I bought one for myself! 

There are different kinds of Eno's you can buy. There's the Singlenest, which is 9'4" long and 4'7" wide. This one is more suitable for one person (obviously from the name!). There's also the Doublenest (the one I have!) that's 9'4" long and 6'2" wide. This one is more suitable for 2, or even 1 if you want more room! Or, if you want lots of room, there's also the DoubleDeluxe hammock which is 9'4" long and 8'4" wide! 

The hammocks even come in a convenient storage bag that is attached to the hammock so you can pack it up when you're done! It packs down super compact and very lightweight (the doublenest packed up weighs 19 oz!) The hammocks also have a 400lb capacity! 

The Eno's do not come with straps, as there are also a variety of straps you can choose from! I personally have the Atlas straps which are 9'1" long and have a lot more loops to hook your hammock into! These also have a weight limit of 400 lb (200 lb a strap!).

The Doublenest is $69.95, $10 more than the Singlenest, but you get more width and also more color options! The Atlas straps are also $29.95 but they are definitely worth it as you can put your hammock basically anywhere! 

I personally LOVE my Doublenest Eno! It's made of breathable nylon, so even on super hot days (like today), you still stay pretty cool! It's super easy to get in and out of and very comfortable! My mom has back issues and I got her to get in it today and she thought it was going to be really uncomfortable, but she was super comfy in it! I'm super glad I invested in this and I can't wait for the weather to be better next week when I go back to college from Spring Break and can hang my Eno up on the green and hang with my friends (literally!) 

Here are some pictures of my Eno and me in it! 
My hammock colors! I got the Retro Tri colored hammock! 
Packs up to about the size of a grapefruit, slightly bigger! 
The attached bag is in the colors of your hammock so it's super easy to
see how it is going to look! 
My Atlas Straps also come in a handy bag! 
This was earlier today in my Eno! It was about 79 degrees out with
an occasional 10 or so mph wind and I was nice and cool! 
Hammock selfie! 
So there you go! The Eno is definitely a great investment and if you like to camp or go outdoors, you can even camp in the Eno! They sell a ton of extra camping accessories for it as well! Their website is eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com! Also, if you live on a college campus with a ton of trees, they're awesome and a great way to study while being outside! You should see the Campus Green here at KSU when it's a nice day, Eno's EVERYWHERE! 

I'll have my April favorites video uploaded by the beginning of May, so be on the lookout for that later on this month! I might even post about how to survive college finals! Even though I'm a sophomore does not mean I'm any better at taking college finals! I might also do a Lilly Pulitzer haul since their new Target line is launching on the 19th and I will DEFINITELY be getting some stuff from that! 

Have a great week everyone! 



Busy busy life!

YOU GUYS! Life has been so crazy recently! 

School is hectic. I'm on Spring Break right now (one of the last few schools in the country!) and then I've only got 2 and a half weeks before finals. (AHHH.) My sorority has been doing a lot of events and service projects recently and those have kept me busy as well! Also, work is also another thing keeping me busy as well! Sometimes I think I'll have time for something, but really I won't! 

I'm planning on doing an April favorites video (I've already started my list!) so be on the lookout for that at the end of the month! 

I promise, once school is out, I will be posting more!

Have a good week guys! 

♥♥ tyleralesia