Georgia Storms...

So, I absolutely hate storms. Like they scare me immensely. And we're having one now. We were just down in the basement for about 10 minutes, and I was in tears. Luckily, I had my iPod, doggies, laptop, and best friend via text message. That got me through it quick. Now, while the tornado warnings have gone, I find myself typing this and listening to calming music with my puppies.

Hope everyone is having a better day! :D

xoxo, tyler


First post from my new laptop :)

I have finally caught up with the rest of the world, and have a laptop! My desktop was hella slow, and this is super fast so I'm happy I have my new laptop! It even has a webcam! (I was so excited about that I chatted my friend in Oklahoma for 3 and a half hours last night!) Hopefully I can chat my friend in California soon :)  I start school back up tomorrow from February Break...eww. But at least I get to see all my friends, and know that there's only a month until Spring Break! But March is going to be hella busy for me!

have a great day everyone! :D




Okay Bones Fans, E!Online is having a competition between TV couples. It has brackets like the NCAA and It's the Elite Eight right now! Bones and Booth are in it and so are Hodgins and Angela, and they are BOTH LOSING!!! We need all Bones fans to vote! Here's the link!

E!Online Tv Couples Contest! Booth and Bones are losing by A LOT and Hodgins and Angela are losing by a little bit!

GO VOTE! Voting ends Friday, February 25, 2011 at 11:00 am PST (2:00 pm EST)



Oh what to do, what to do...

Hello everyone! Having a good day so far? If so, good! If not, hopefully this will make you smile :)
It's officially February Break from school, I love random weeks off. Yesterday, I went and saw the final show of Little Shop of Horrors that my school put on. It was AMAZING. A bunch of my friends were in it and they did GREAT! I have no idea what I'm going to do this week.....

Maybe play Wii, go bowling, go putt putt, walk, dance, sing, whatever I feel like doing. And I found out today I'm getting a LAPTOP, yay! So now I can be online anywhere! :D And I need one with a webcam so I can chat with my friends Sam and Shelby who don't live here!

Well, I'm gonna go lounge in my room with some beef rice (yummm.) and watch my Bones dvds.

Maybe tomorrow I'll scour the internet for something fun to do, or something cool to show you guys :)

xoxo tyler


(just) After Bones Blog :)

So, I had too much homework to do yesterday so I didn't get a chance to do my before Bones blog, so here's my after Bones blog!

If you have not watched the Bones episode 'The Bikini in the Soup', READ NO FURTHER!
If you have seen the episode, then read along :)

So, last night's episode 'The Bikini in the Soup' was the Valentine's Day episode, yay! It was about a wedding planner being found dead in her tanning bed on Valentine's Day, sucky right? Yeah. So, onto my writings about the episode!
  • "Who has a home tanning bed? Aren't there easier ways to get Cancer?" Oh Hodgins, apparently the victim did, and yes there are.
  • "Isn't it sad? Someone who specializes in love would be found dead on Valentine's Day?" Yes it is sad Hodgins.
  • "I know you and Hannah broke up, but for most people-" "You don't want to finish that sentence." OOOH. FEISTY BOOTH :) Oh Hodgins....
  • Brennan's continuous stream of phone calls from men wanting to make last minute Valentine's Day plans with her. These men are: Douglas, Scott, a Secret Service Agent from her gym, and Jean Paul.
  • "People! There is death in this world and there is romance. Today, death is the loser and romance wins." "Woohoo!" *claps* "But what about justice?" *smack on the back of the head* *claps* Cam's right, Angela's right, and Hodgins, listen to your wife so she doesn't smack you :)
  • The most ADORABLE Angela/Hodgins moments <3
  • The wedding planner's assistant....and Booth and Sweets' faces....lmao
  • "I'm not much older than you and I have someone." That was lowwww, Cam. and poor Bones looked like she was gonna cry :(
  • "Got plans for tonight?" "Not really." "Really not really?" "Really." Lol Angela and Booth
  • "I can tell you what it isn't." "So can I! It's not a toaster!" Oh Clark, so glad you're not all "keep personal stuff outside of work" anymore :)
  • Hodgins trying to show Clark the Egyptian Tear vase he got Angela for V-Day: "I'm pretty sure they were crying cause they were slaves and being buried alive." Oh Clark, I cracked up at that part!
  • Cam's boyfriend Paul brought her flowers :) "Hello beautiful lady who works with the dead." "And hello handsome man who works with....You're a gynecologist Paul, I'm not going to finish that sentence..." LMFAO.
  • "Cam and the others seem very invested in the holiday." "They can have it, right?" "Right.." "Right!" Bones & Booth
  • "Yes and I can see my reflection in your cornea.." Oh Bones, you're so blunt. (The guy they were talking to asked her to look him in the eye. He then proceeded to ask if she could see that... fail.)
  • Brennan on the phone with the Secret Service guy.. "He thinks you're my mother." -to Booth. She then proceeds to tell the guy on the phone- "I don't have a mother." aww Bones :(
  • Angela is leaving to let Clark work when he says this.. "But could I ask a personal question first?" Never say that to Angela because she will not go away, pregnant or not. She then slinks back and replies with a smirk and "Absolutely..." ;)
  • "What is that?" " Why do you keep saying that?" "Because you won't tell me what it is!" Cam and Hodgins for you :)
  • The "Bridezilla": "I know I'm a b***h, but I'm not a killer b***h." made me laugh, hehe
  • Booth and Brennan's conversation on how ridiculous V-Day is makes Brennan say this, with which I must agree... "It's a ridiculous holiday; the banks don't even close."
  • "You are under A-rest!" Oh Booth....
  • "Is there any chance your acting skills have improved in the last few years?" "Oh yeahh." *seductively ;) * "Who will I be playing?" had me cracking up. good ol' BB tension :)
  • Brennan's REALLY GOOD acting skills :) "That was very good." "Damn good!" *high five!*
  • Cute Paul/Cam-ness
  • Cute Angie/Hodgins-ness
  • And Hodgins' fungi he made for Angela, called Angelicus Montenegros. He spliced Rose DNA into a fungus, and made it smell like roses <3 Wish I had a guy like that... lol
  • Booth shooting hearts on the shooting target :)
  • And Brennan's gift to Booth, in honor of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, two machine guns from the Roaring 20's exhibit at the Jeffersonian. I immediately thought of (the musical) Chicago... lol.
  • "Happy St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Booth." <3
  • And them having a blast being fake mobsters shooting the heck out of the targets :)
So that's it! And now we have to wait 3 WEEKS for Bones...stupid February sweeps. But anyways, when Bones comes back, BILLY GIBBONS IS BACK TOO BABYY! Can't wait!

It's officially February Break from school, so I'm gonna go see what else I can do and if anyone can hang out :)

Have a fantabulisticulous day everyone!
xoxo tyler


NOT ANOTHER POST! *runs away screaming*

HAHAHA, just kidding :)
So I remembered that BONES COMES ON TONIGHT :D
So, later tonight I will be doing my Before and After Bones blog :)
And then....BONES ISN'T ON TIL MARCH 10th! GRRR. stupid February Sweeps.
Anywho, I gotta finish some math homework with Alison, follow her! (arbxbaby.blogspot.com) and follow Alyssa too! (alyssayo528.blogspot.com)



So, I haven't been on here in FOREVER. Not that anyone really cares, lol :) But anyways, I'm sitting in web design right now (yes, im in school.) I know what you're thinking- "She shouldn't be doing this! She's at school! She'll get in trouble!" Alyssa is making a blog, and Alison has a blog too. This is FUNN :)

So, Bones has been AMAZING. So has SVU, Glee, and Human Target. But Human Target's season is OVER, *cries*.

So yeah, I have tons of homework to do tonight before tomorrow, and then FEBRUARY BREAKKKK!! WOOHOO :D I'm sooooo bored. and a little hyper....

Anywho, follow me if you want to on twitter :)

Gonna get off and change around my Blog backgrond :)