My week :)

Hello people! It's Thursday night here in Georgia. And I'm listening to the Glee version of Jump by Van Halen, pretty sweet :D 

This week at school has been Homecoming Spirit Week! Here's the days!
  • Monday- Twin Day
  • Tuesday- Disney Day/ GQ Day for Seniors
  • Wednesday- Decades Day; 
    • 20's-Freshmen 
    • 50's-Sophomores (Me) 
    • 70's-Juniors
    • 80's-Seniors
  • Thursday (today)- Nerd Day :)
  • Friday (tomorrow)- Class Colors Day!
    • Green- Freshmen
    • White- Sophomores (Me)
    • Copper- Juniors
    • Black- Seniors
Our school mascot, in case you're wondering, Longhorn. That's why school colors are Copper, Black, and White :) This week has been amazing so far! Tomorrow is the pep rally and Homecoming Game, then Saturday is HOMECOMING! YAY! :) 

I'm finally getting my homecoming dress tomorrow and my ears re-pierced! Super Excited!

So this was just a random update blog. 

OH! SVU was AMAZING yesterday. 
  • Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of rape kits in backlogs across the country that have not been tested yet? That's hundreds of thousands of victims with NO justice.
  • Want to help put a stop to the backlogs? go to End The Backlog ( <--- just click the link) 
AND...... GLEE was EPIC. Britney Spears & John Stamos guest starring, AMAZING!

So yeah. Hope everyone's had a great week so far, and have a great Friday!

♥ Tyler Alesia 


Before & After Bones Blog

So, it's Thursday. Guess what that means???????? BONES! I'm like completely ecstatic. I have waited all summer for this and now it's here! So, yeah. This is my before BONES blog. I will, like yesterday, update after the premiere with a list of things ramblings that I will save in a draft message on my phone while watching the premiere, LOL. SO EXCITED! 

Well, I'm gonna watch a little bit of this Glee episode I'm catching up on (almost finished with the first season, then I'll be fully caught up for next Tuesday with the BRITNEY SPEARS EPISODE :D) then get ready for the EPIC season 6 premiere of my FAVORITE show, BONES!

Happy 8 o'clock shows everyone!

So, the premiere was AMAZING! AHH! Sorry, super excited! Now, on to my after Bones blog! 

Now that that's over, let's get to it! 
  • First Episode of the season: The Mastodon in the Room- This episode was the team's reunion after last season's finale. Booth went to Afghanistan, Brennan and Daisy went to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia, Hodgins and Angela honeymooned in Paris, and the interns, Cam, Caroline, and Sweets stayed behind in D.C. Cam was in trouble in D.C., so Caroline got everyone to come back and help. And stay back as a team. AWW :D Now, on to the little snippets I saved as a draft message in my phone.
    • Brennan quote from the beginning (still in Maluku at the beginning)- "I find I'm only afraid of snakes when Booth's around to be jumped upon." Don't know what she's talking about? Go back and watch season 3 episode, The Mummy in the Maze :)
    • One thing I particularly liked, was Booth's sexy butt in his army uniform. 
    • Also, Creator and Executive Producer Hart Hanson's FJ40 in Maluku with Brennan and Daisy. And they were working on it cause something was wrong with the engine. (running joke on his Twitter, Emily Deschanel keeps breaking it.)
    • Bren and Daisy were about to be attacked by armed guerrillas, so Brennan told Daisy, "If I were you, I'd swallow that engagement ring right now." Referring to the ring Sweets gave Daisy.
    • Brennan started with her squinty talk about the guerrillas that were about to attack them, and said that they needed to show that they were woman. So, she took down her hair, FLIPPED IT, and got all flirty. It was ADORABLE.
    • Then, Bren turns around to Daisy...who's suddenly in her bra and underwear... "Why are you in your underwear??" "You said I should look like a woman, should I take off more?" 
    • Then, Brennan beating up the guerrillas with her ninja skills.... and a shovel.
    • Jump to: Bren and Booth's meeting at the reflecting pool. SO CUTE! Brennan almost ran to Booth for a hug :)
    • Now Sweets, hiatus was good to him, mmhmm. He was looking FINEEEE. He had a mustache and beard. He no longer looked like he was 12!! YAY!
    • Brennan and Booth's talk on the steps: "You fought off armed guerrillas?" "I had to, you weren't there to save me." AWWWWW!
    • Brennan talking about Booth's girlfriend he met in Iraq (HATE HER.): "Are you guys serious?" "Serious as a heart attack." "Well, heart attacks are very serious."
    • Then, the team is reunited! 'Reunited, and it feels so good...' ♥
    • Cam saying how bad the replacements for the team were: "Nobody is any of you." and Brennan....."That didn't make sense." Poor Bones, someday, you'll understand.
    • Now, what happened to the Squinterns you ask? Well here ya go!
      • Vincent Nigel-Murray won a million dollars on Jeopardy
      • Fisher checked into a clinic
      • Clark Edison got a job in Chicago
      • Arastoo changed majors
      • & Wendell, sweet, sexy Wendell, works in a bus repair shop.
    • And Cam, sadly, blames Brennan for the team falling apart.
    • Booth has breakfast with Parker, his son who is INCREDIBLY ADORABLE!
    • Brennan found Wendell :) 
    • "Why are you fixing a bus?" This is what she said when she saw him, LOL
    • Brennan and Wendell: "I am very, very difficult to replace." "That you are."
    • Brennan bribing Wendell to come back to the team: "How much would it take? Cause I have quite a lot of money and it's no use to me in Maluku."
    • And Booth wasn't back to being a 'rebel' again. HE WASN'T WEARING A NIFTY TIE! JUST BORING ONES!
    • And, they weren't working in the Jeffersonian. So they had WHITE LAB COATS.
    • And Booth, as always, messes up the name Maluku.
    • Hodgins reaction to where they were presently working: "What is with this guzzy hell hole? And where's my office?"
    • Booth responding to the eccentric Caroline Julian: "Absotively, that's not a word."
    • Angela found Wendell and Bren at the diner. Brennan currently had her eyes glued to an x-ray trying to get her brain to agree with what her eyes were seeing. So, Ange and Wendell decided to joke about it: Ange- "Are her eyeballs and brain arguing again?" Wendell- "Yeah, Clash of the Titans."
    • Brennan has changed! She used normal almost normal talk with Angela: "It's very good to see you because you're my best friend and I love you like a sister."
    • Bren and Ange's girl talk: "Booth found love in Afghanistan." "Oh, oh sweetie, I'm sorry." Brennan, who never understands.... "Why? Are you in love with Booth?" and Angela, always being funny... "A little bit, but that's not the point."
    • Funny quote between Bren and Ange: "What's that mean?" "It means you're going to die loveless and alone."
    • AND THE BOMBSHELL! Ange- "What I did miss, is my period." 
    • "I hope you're hugging me because you're happy to be an aunt." "But I would have to be your sister. But I am, your sister."
    • Bren and Booth's infamous car conversations. Bren to Booth: "You, refusing to wear your seatbelt."
    • "You're a man of action." "Yeah, like a jungle cat, rawrrr." "You should say like a flea with regards to lightening fast reflexes." "I'm not going to say I'm like a flea!"
    • And Sweets' and Daisy's make out session, in front of the open FBI elevator, full of people.
    • Cam in regards to what her and Brennan deal with: "(points to self) Fresh dead, (points to Bren) long time dead."
    • Brennan's remark to Booth about the guy who kidnapped his own son: "I find I would like to strike him."
    • And Booth's statement to Brennan about taking the guy down: "I'll get on him like a flea."
    • And Brennan's ADORABLE-NESS to the little boy (he was about 2): "Logan, hi! How are you?!" SO CUTE! We need a Booth/Brennan baby, ASAP. C'mon TPTB! (The Powers That Be)
    • Hodgins and Angela's adorable diner scene about their baby :)
    • Angela to Hodgins: "Don't cry! If you cry, then I'm gonna start crying!"
    • Brennan trying to be nice to Caroline: "I find I'd like to hug you." And Caroline, was a little scared, LOL
    • Cam got the Jeffersonian Lab back for the team! YAY! 
    • However, when they got there and turned on the lights, It had turned into an Ice Age Exhibit. 
    • And the closing lines of the season 6 premiere: "Welcome Home, Bones." "Welcome Home, Booth."
And that is the ADORABLE-NESS of the season 6 premiere of BONES. Can't wait for next week! Will Brennan be jealous and FINALLY come to her senses that she loves Booth with his new, stereotypical Booth, girlfriend here? I HOPE SO. 

Be back tomorrow, with some random blog post, LOL. My hand's hurting, so I'm gonna say, 

Gonna go finish Season 1 of Glee online so I'll be caught up :)

Happy Thursday everyone!


Before & After SVU blog

Hey everyone! It's almost that time! THE 2 HOUR PREMIERE OF SVU IS ON IN 13 MINUTES! I'm totally excited, can ya tell? :D Anywho, this is a pre-episode blog. Once it's over, I will update this post with all my crazy excited SVU ramblings :) So, I'm gonna get everything situated so I can watch it! 

For anybody who's watching the premiere, ENJOY! 

So, the season premiere was EPIC. It was two episodes and completely AMAZING! Here's my episode recaps! 

  • First Episode: Locum- This episode was about a little girl who ran away. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG. There were so many plot twists I was so confused. BUT IT WAS A GOOD THING! Cause you understood it all by the end :D So, now, my random recaps I was typing in a draft message during the episode.
    • Olivia and Elliot's faces during the beginning of the episode were PRICELESS. They were constantly like "WTF." 
    • The little girl had on SILLY BANDZ! YEAH!
    • Quote from Olivia: "Wow, that's...diligent."
    • They had a completely EPIC Grand Central Station scene. I have no clue how they film there! It's CRAZY!
    • Suspect we come to know as Erik: "I've also been known to rescue kittens and lost puppies." *cough*and something else*cough*
    • The little girl's (Mackenzie's) mom (played by Joan Cusack): "I would be more comfortable with the female detective, the nice one?" Switch scene to Olivia in interrogation... "Your an idiot." That part CRACKED ME UP.
    • Hilarious quote from Cragen: "Her mom is demanding a penis-free environment."
    • Liv gets hit on (repeatedly) by Erik
    • Munch thinks something is too paranoid delusional, even for him. THAT'S A FIRST.
    • Olivia's facial expressions again being those portraying "WTF."
    • and Elliot and Olivia's Epic adventures.
  • Second Episode: Bullseye- This episode was all about rapists. That's all I can determine from the plot really. LOL. And now, again, my ramblings I typed in a draft message during the episode.
    •  The poor little girl in the beginning! She was raped and the nurse came in to do the rape kit and had the camera to take pictures and the girl got so scared because her attacker took pictures of her :(
    • A quote from Elliot about trying to get the poor little girl to talk: "Liv poured on the charm and she still wouldn't open up."
    • Elliot and his EPIC door kick :)
    • The incredibly PSYCHO parents of the little girl. They were engrossed in a STUPID VIDEO GAME when El and Liv got there!
    • HILARIOUS quote from Munch: "Laffy Time, a wonderful land of fun, games, and sexual assault."
    • Oh look, It's ERIK again. "I'm still available for that coffee!" and Elliot making fun of his best friend. Olivia "I thought he'd never ask." And their cute little smiles :)
    • Elliot being his natural self and telling Erik off! "Don't shove things in my face." Erik shoved his iPhone in Elliot's face, bad move sweetheart. Elliot ended up tossing it over his shoulder onto the pavement :D
    • Elliot interviewing a sex offender/possible suspect: The idiot..."I don't even know where Laffy Time is!" And The Lovely Elliot Stabler.."30 feet from your stoop, genius."
    • Funny conversation between Liv and El about her having coffee with ERIK. "And if anyone sees me having coffee with a known vigilante?" "Relax, your having coffee with a guy who thinks you're attractive." HAHAHAHAHAHA
    • and a surprise guest star..... If you watch Glee, you know who I'm talking about.... SANDY! He played a rapist. He's gone to the dark side.... LOL
    • Liv, to Elliot: "Don't ya just hate to see a grown man cry?" :)
    • And Cragen's quote to a cop who snuck in from another precinct and beat up Sandy's character "The ass you just kicked is your own career."
    • and who can forget, the CREEP TWEETS.
    • Also, the EPIC CAR EXPLOSION in which Sandy's character killed himself.
    • Olivia setting Erik straight! "I'm not really your type, I'm a little old, right?"
    • And her EPIC STARE OFF with Erik
    • The EPIC plot twist 
    • and Olivia knocking Erik out. 
    • ERIK: turned out to be the rapist, and he raped his own sister when he was younger and claimed the she was raped by someone and then killed herself. but she was VERY MUCH ALIVE. Erik was played by Henry Ian Cusick from Lost, he's kinda cute. 

So, that's my first TV blog :) I'll be back tomorrow with my blog on BONES. CANNOT WAIT to see that season premiere! GONNA BE AMAZING ♥ 

Goodnight everyone,


Officially a GLEEK :)

So, I can tell you, officially, I am now.....a GLEEK! I have no idea why I didn't watch this show last season! It mixes amazing singers, great songs, and hilarity! I need to get season 1 on DVD! I CAN'T WAIT for next week's BRITNEY SPEARS EPISODE! YAY! 

Anywho, I also watched the Series Premiere of Raising Hope, and I can clearly say, I will be watching again next week! This new show is very funny! :) Here are some particularly funny quotes from this weeks episode! 

  • "She named her Princess Beyonce, but I think I'm gonna change that." "Don't dude! That name is badass!"
  • "I am not bringing my baby to a rave!" "She just got outta prison, let her have some fun!" 
  • "I need paper towels! I need paper towels! I need paper towels!" "What happened??!!" "I threw up on the baby!!!!" 
So, there ya go. If those didn't make you laugh, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?
LOL. Well, I'll be back blogging tomorrow about the Season 12 Premiere of LAW & ORDER SVU! Can't wait! It's a 2 HOUR PREMIERE! Guest starts include: Joan Cusack and Henry Ian Cusick from Lost!

Hope everyone had a good premiere Tuesday, I know I did! :D


Mobile Blog (Which failed EPICLY.)

Yay! My first mobile blog! I'm waiting for my mom to finish reading her book so I can show her some of the halloween costumes I like. 

Anyway, I'm going to watch Glee tonight. Not cause I'm a Gleek, cause I want to see what songs are on the episode. And who knows, it might covert me to Gleekism. We'll see. 

Anyways, my next blog will be probably later, telling about my first Glee experience, LOL. If not later tonight, tomorrow before (and possibly during) the two hour season premiere of Law & Order SVU! CAN'T WAIT! 

Hope you all enjoy your shows! 

P.S- This is NOT how it looked when it came in from my phone, I had to edit it on here. hahahahahaha :D

Hello World, and all who inhabit it.

Like my Spongebob reference? Thought so. Anyways, today is Tuesday. That means, we are one step closer to the premieres of my favorite shows! But, curse you tv stations that put good shows on at the same time as my FAVORITE shows. So, that means I'll have to find Big Bang Theory and S#*! My Dad Says online. Oh well. Let's see, as I said yesterday, I have a week off from school. So I hope nobody is freaking out. "Why is she blogging? Shouldn't she be in school? Would they let her blog from school?" The answers to those questions are:
  1. Cause I can
  2. No, we have a new school year calendar that gives us a random week off in September & February
  3. I'm not sure if they would, why don't I try one day :)
So there ya go.  I felt like changing up the font today. I woke up like...... almost an hour ago. And I'm already bored. I think I'll make a video today. I meant to start one yesterday, but I got sidetracked :) 

So yeah. Short blog. Gonna make a video. Check out my other vids, I'll post my youtube account name on here :) 

Have a great day guys


My first blog! :D

So, this is my first ever blog! *Insert crowd applause here* It is currently 6:02 pm on the East Coast. And I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Some of you are probably thinking "Shouldn't she be doing homework? It's a school night!" Yeah, well, not this week! We have a random week off from school, thanks to this year's new school calendar :D So, I have been doing nothing today, and my week is probably going to be incredibly boring. Except, for the possibility I may be doing something with my friends Thursday, yay! 

Tonight is the start of Fall Premiere week, WOO! However, I have no shows premiering tonight. Mine premiere Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. My show premiering Wednesday, why, it's LAW AND ORDER: SVU. 2 HOUR PREMIERE :D Super fan, SORRY :) And, premiering Thursday, I have BONES (SQUEEEEEEE!), The Big Bang Theory (which is on the same time as Bones, but I'm watching Bones over this), and the new show, S#*! My Dad Says. CAN'T WAIT! Then Friday, I've got CSI NY. Then.... next Wednesday, I'm going to be watching the premiere of Law and Order: Los Angeles. So, that's my randomness about that.

Anywho, Homecoming is coming up and I CAN'T WAIT. I still need to get a dress though.... Eh, It's gonna be a blast like last year! Wow, I didn't know typing so much randomness would make my fingers hurt :( Don't care! 

I will now, introduce you (not literally) to my best friends who I will be talking about a lot on here! 
  • First up is Ashleigh, I've known her since middle school and we are like virtually inseparable :D 
  • Second, Sam. She lives in Oklahoma, and is hopefully coming to Georgia next summer for her first visit! Can't wait to meet her! 
  • Third, Shelby. She lives in California and is also hopefully coming to Georgia next summer so we can meet! 
  • Lastly, Sammie. She's a new friend this year in school, and she's a senior. (Later, I will make a post about the eerie similarities between Sammie and Sam) So, you now know (kind of) my friends. 
Dinner smells AMAZING. I'm gonna go see what we're having, be back! *Insert Jeopardy Song here*.......................................................................... 
So, we're having Garlic and Butter noodles and Hot Dogs, yummm. 

So, yeah. If you read this, thanks for putting up with my randomness :D I will update again tomorrow! (Or even later, if I'm that bored :D ) Hope everyone had/has a good day, and thanks for tuning in to my first blog post <3