Quick Life Update

Life. School, work, sorority. It's been a crazy couple of months! We lost about two weeks of classes because of the Atlanta Snowpocalypses (snowpocali?), and then work and sorority things have been crazy. 

So, update! On March 29th, I will be heading down with my friends Ashleigh, Meredith, and Ashleigh's sister Haleigh, along with Ash and Haleigh's mom and grandma to PANAMA CITY BEACH for SPRING BREAK! :D This is the first time I have been on vacation for Spring Break since I was 8 and went to Disney World and Seaworld with my family! 

We are staying at the BEAUTIFUL Shores Of Panama! Here's some pics!

I am seriously SOOOOOOOO excited and I cannot wait for Spring Break to get here! 

Work is still going great and I'm super happy to be surrounded by gorgeous jewelry and clothes all the time! (In case any of you didn't know, I work at Charming Charlie!)

Sorority life is great and I'm super excited for next semester! I want to take a little so I'm already planning crafting ideas and such! My big transferred to another college for nursing but I still talk to her a lot! Her Spring Break is this upcoming week so she's coming to chapter on Sunday and I'm SOOOO excited to see her! I haven't seen her in almost a month! 

Well, I'm gonna finish watching my shows! Hope everyone is doing well and I hope you all have a good day!

♥ tyleralesia