My Christmas List 2014!

Hey everyone! I know I've been horrible about my blog and not updating as much! School and work and sorority things have gotten CRAZY so I haven't had much time to blog! BUT, I figured I would make a blog post about my Christmas list for this year! 

What's on my Christmas list this year:

  • Frozen on DVD
  • 2015 Castle Calendar
  • Elsa vinyl Pop Figure
  • Elsa plush from the Disney Store
  • an acrylic monogram necklace
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Bones Season 8
  • Hollow City by Ransom Riggs
  • Any of the Castle seasons 1-5
  • Any of the New Girl Seasons 1-3
  • Alabama Spirit Jersey from Tuskwear Collection
  • Kate Spade Jeralyn Emerald Avenue Bag
Not Pictured:
  • Brown riding boots (couldn't find a picture of the ones I want!)
  • a new laptop battery
So that's my Christmas list this year! Can you guys tell I like Frozen and Castle? :) What's on yours? 

♥♥ tyleralesia