It's almost Spring Break, YAY! I'm currently sitting in Web Design (where I always update from, haha) and we're watching Secretariat. It's good so far. I've wanted to see this movie for a while so I'm glad we're watching it.

Tomorrow, my chorus teacher isn't going to be here because she's leaving early for Spring Break (she's going to Vietnam!), so she put me in charge tomorrow :) I'm really the senior most person (other than Jensen who's a junior and Tieashia and Brittany who are sophomores also, but really not focused enough) so I'm leading warm-ups and a run through of our songs then we're watching a movie :)

Now, onto a new topic. JEM. If you were around in the mid-late 80's, you've probably heard of her. SHE'S AWESOME.

If you haven't heard of her, go look Jem and the Holograms up on youtube :)

Well, I'm gonna watch the movie now :)
have a lovely day ♥
xoxo tyler


Stepping on the beach DOO DOO DOOO DOOOO!

Not really, that's from Spongebob. But, after school tomorrow, I will be stepping on the bus to ORLANDO! :D I'm so excited! I don't care if I'm getting a little sick, I'm going. So, me and my bus buddy Julia have already planned our ride on the bus from movies to snacks :) I can't wait to spend 8 hours sitting next to her, it's gonna be GREAT! I'm currently sitting in web design with Alison. (Alyssa went to the bathroom, lol and Sierra is talking to some other peoples.) So, yeah. We have like 25 minutes left and then we have our last after school rehearsal for Orlando, then we leave tomorrow! I have so many things to do tonight it's not even funny! :D Alyssa is back :) she says hi.
I have to:
  • start packing
  • take a shower
  • finish my Honors Brit Lit project
  • watch Glee and Raising Hope
  • watch David Boreanaz on Jimmy Kimmel
  • get money from my sis
  • possibly get a new bathing suit
so yeah.
I'm gonna go so I can plan everything out in a nice organized schedule, lol!
have a fantabulisticulous day everyone!
xoxo tyler



So, if you didn't watch the NBC show, THE CAPE, step away from this blog post now, because I will rant.
If you have not seen the online finale "Endgame" of The Cape, do not continue on with my rant :)

So, the finale just kinda made me mad. Here are some rants.
  • So, Ark Police Chief Marty Voight is dead. He was shot by Scales and The Cape was there with him. Marty kept mumbling about Vince, so The Cape aka Vince took off his hood and Marty saw it was him. Vince's words were: "You didn't kill Vince Faraday, you just saved him."
  • Dana learned from Marty in the middle of the episode that Peter Fleming is Chess.
  • There was ABSOLUTELY NO Raia or Ruvi parts in this episode. And I LOVE them.
  • Vince's wife Dana still doesn't know that Vince is The Cape. Neither does his son, Trip.
  • We still have no clue what the HECK is going on with Orwell and why she painted her whole apartment white.
  • Orwell is Peter Fleming's daughter.
  • Scales is at Owl Island Prison now.
  • Snake Wine is GROSS.
  • Orwell's awkward moment inside Vince's old house with Dana and Trip
  • Nobody bothering to check if Marty's daughter had a phone. This resulted in Ark finding them by turning her phone into a GPS locator and also resulted in Marty's death.
So that was my rant. I can't rant very well about it on here, but I rant about it REALLY WELL in person, lol.
have a good day everyone, I'm going to watch Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life now :)
xoxo tyler


QUOTE OF THE DAY (until I find another one... LOL)

Gonna start something new! It's called-what? you already know? How? The title? What? *looks at post title* Oh. Right.

Anyways, since I'm sick, I just watched the episode of Glee that I missed last night. And I found this quote! It's HILARIOUS!

Emma (Jayma Mays) & Holly (Gwyneth Paltrow)
  • Emma: Can you please, please not tell Will about this?
  • Holly: No, of course not, of course not. My lips are sealed.
  • Emma: Thank you.
  • Holly: Just like your legs. OH! Hah, kidding! God, that was rude! Why did I say that? See, a real doctor would never have said that.
HAHAHAHAHA. It still makes me laugh!

Hope that this made your day, if you're having a bad day. If you're not, hope this made you smile even more!

(If you want to watch this part of the episode, Here's the link to the episode! Glee- Sexy If you want to see what made her say that, that part starts at 35:26. If you just want to see the funny part above, that part is at 36:56. HAHAHAHAH! sorry, finding the part made me watch it again, and I'm cracking up!)

Hope this made you smile ♥
xoxo tyler

being sick SUCKS.

I should be at school right now. However, I am not. I'm laying in my bed (typing this), and watching Spongebob. I should be trying to sleep like my mom said, but I find it hard to be up for an hour then trying to go back to sleep. Well, being sick gives me an extra two days to do my math homework, muahahaha. And possibly an extra day to write my Macbeth paper for Lit; Oh I hope so.

I'm gonna surf the web, (and watch the GLEE episode I missed last night cause I was playing Scrabble with my family) ♥ I'll try and find something awesome to post later! (Like the Carstache I posted the other day!)

Hope you all have a good, sick-free day! (except for me. and my sister, who works at a pediatrician's office, lmao.)
xoxo tyler 



Sitting in web design with Alyssa and Alison, the two A's ♥ I was just looking at a list of phobias, and found out that I have 9 phobias. One of them repeats though, and I'm not sure if cockroaches and wasps count as insects, I know bees do, so If they are, then I have 2 less phobias :)
My phobias are:
  • Achluophobia: the fear of darkness
  • Arachnophobia: the fear of spiders
  • Coulrophobia: the fear of clowns
  • Entomophobia (insectophobia): fear of insects
  • Katsaridaphobia: fear of cockroaches
  • Lilapsophobia: fear of tornadoes or hurricanes
  • Myctophobia: fear of darkness (again...)
  • Nyctohylophobia: fear of dark forests or forests at night
  • Scotophobia: fear of darkness (can they not use one word for this!!??)
  • Spheksophobia: fear of wasps
  • Taphephobia: fear of being buried alive
those are my fears! wanna find out yours? check out Phobia List :)
have a good day!
xoxo tyler



So, I was on Miss Kandee Johnson's blog yesterday (Kandee Johnson: her makeup and such blog) or (Kandeeland:her personal blog) (<--check her out, she's great!) and I saw the most amazing thing ever...

It's called.....a CARSTACHE. Yeah, that's right people. A MUSTACHE for your CAR! It looks like this! 

HOW AWESOME IS THAT??!! It's pretty epic. So epic, that my sister and her friend now want one! Here's the link for the website! www.Carstache.com 

Hope this brightened your day! I'll try to have a nifty item for you guys everyday!
xoxo tyler


So, I'm sitting in web design right now. I just came back from my Chorus festival and I would really rather rewind time to go back to the beginning of the trip. It was the best chorus festival ever! And now I'm bored. My mom is taking me to walmart after school to get some stuff for my chorus trip next week...ORLANDO BABY! :D

super excited. anyways, I'm gonna go.

have a good day everyone!
xoxo tyler



So, I'm currently sitting in Web Design. It's pretty boring right now since I finished my assignments, but we leave soon so that's good :) I'm going to Barnes & Noble after school to get Spark Notes on a book for my Honors Brit Lit class then getting my hair cut, then getting ready for my chorus concert tonight! And I also have to do all my homework. It's a good thing Bones doesn't come back til next week and I took a shower last night! :D

have a good day everyone!
xoxo tyler


Sitting in class....

Yes, I am currenty sitting in Web Design. I just finished an assignment and now we're waiting for everyone else to finish I guess. Today starts a VERY busy month for me! I have:
  • After School Chorus Rehearsal today til 5
  • A Chorus Concert on thursday
  • Festival with Chorus on the 7th
  • 8th-An After School Chorus Reheasal for our trip to Orlando
  • 10th-BONES COMES BACK! and another after school rehearsal for Orlando
  • 15th-Another after school rehearsal for Orlando
  • 16th-turn in an Honors Brit Lit project and Leave for ORLANDO :)
  • 17th-19th-in ORLANDO :)
  • 20th-Come back
  • 23rd-My Best Friend in Oklahoma, Sam's Birthday!
  • 24th-My Best Friend in California, Shelby's Birthday! (and 3 months til my Sweet 16 :D )
  • 26th- My grandma's birthday R.I.P ♥
  • 31st-My Big Brother's B-day!
YEAH. Hella crazy month for me. Well, my hand's kinda cramping up and I'm gonna talk to my friends :)

have a good day (and a not so busy month!)
xoxo tyler