July Favorites!

Hey everyone and happy Sunday! 

It's a little late, but I uploaded my July Favorites video to my YouTube channel! Check it out below!

I'm starting to get a little bit sick, so I'm just gonna leave this video here and y'all can click on it and watch it! Links to most things are in the description! 

Have a good day! 



What's in my Kavu bag!

Hey everyone! I filmed my What's in my Kavu bag video yesterday & uploaded it to YouTube not long ago! Here it is!

This post is mainly going to be the picture version of my What's in my Kavu bag video, so let's get started!

Outside of my Kavu bag
Large pocket that holds most of my stuff!
Items in the big pocket: coupon pouch, portable brush, gum, Kate Spade wallet, & Target pouch holding essentials!

Inside of the Target pouch

One side holds "first aid" type essentials: Advil, Lens cleaning wipes for glasses, lip balm, first aid kit, oil absorbing sheets, tissues, and a pen

Other side holds other essentials: Hand cream, Lavender essential oil roll on, nail file, and travel mascara

Inside of large pocket (interior pocket is holding feminine products!)

Other side pocket currently just holds my umbrella!

Totes Auto Open/Close umbrella from Walmart! 

I normally use this outside zipper pocket for my phone!

Top velcro pocket holds my key fob

So there you go! Hope you guys enjoyed my What's in my Kavu bag video/post! If you've got any ideas of videos/posts you'd like to see, leave them in the comments!

Have a wonderful week everyone!



Happy Summer Everyone!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far! Mine has definitely been busy, but it hasn't lacked in fun! 

I went on a road trip adventure with my friends, went on a sisterhood retreat with my music fraternity, had my 22nd birthday, worked lots (& even got a promotion!), and had a great 4th of July! 

Classes are gonna start back for the school districts in a few weeks which will give me a couple weeks before college classes start back up to do some last minute shopping without rushes! My cousin is joining me at KSU this semester & I'm super excited to show him around and get him to fall in love with the school like I have. 

I'm also gonna try to post weekly (I know I said that before, serious this time!) so if you have requests of posts you'd like to see, comment below! Tomorrow when I get home from work I'm gonna try to do a What's in my Purse with my Kavu bag I got for my birthday so I'll film the video and make the blog post and hopefully have that up by the weekend! I'll also be doing a What's in my Backpack for back to school and maybe a Back to School haul as well. I'm gonna try to get back into doing monthly favorite videos/posts too so be on the lookout for those as well as a possible OOTW for the first week of classes! 

Stick around because there's plenty of content to come your way! (I promise!) 

Have a lovely week everyone,

tyleralesia ❤️


Hi everyone!

As I type this, it's 11:10pm here in Georgia, but I thought I would update on how life has been.


I changed my major from Forensic Chemistry to Criminal Justice this semester, quit my Charming Charlie job and got hired at Gymboree, joined a music fraternity (sorority), Sigma Alpha Iota, went to Florida to visit family for Spring Break, and now it's getting close to finals! 

I will try to put content on here weekly if I can, I need to brainstorm some ideas of some posts! 

If you have anything you would like to see, feel free to comment below and help me in my quest to make blogging a normal thing for me.

If you've stuck around, thanks! If you're new, welcome in! 

Have a good night everyone

tyleralesia ♥♥