So, on June 24, aka yesterday, I had my sixteenth birthday. I'm super excited that I'm now sixteen :D

Me and my friend Julia have been on the Wii all day, whether we were playing Just Dance, Wii Sports Resort, or watching stuff on Netflix. Then, before we went to dinner, it started storming for like half an hour. So we waited for it to stop, and then we went to dinner. We had SOOOOO much fun at dinner.

We're crazy ;)

So, we're currently watching Family Guy on Netflix, cause EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT THE BIRD IS THE WORD!!!


So, I'm gonna go, peace out :)

xoxo tyler


2 days and I'll be 16!

My birthday is in 2 days and then I will officially be 16! I'm super excited :D

So, im currently sitting in my room typing this, and listening to S&M remix by Rihanna and Britney Spears :)


Sorry :)

okay, im gonna go, peace guys!

xoxo tyler


Boredness and Makeup :)

Hey guys! Haven't been on here in forever, so I wanted to do a quick update of right now. Haha
currently playing: Last Friday Night- Katy Perry

anywho, I did something cool with my makeup this morning and thought I'd show you guys :)

I did kind of a double cat eye look with my eyeliner :) I love it!

Now, my Outfit of the Day!

Ignore my hand, haha. I'm wearing my Pirates of the Caribbean 4 shirt, some jean shorts that you can't see haha, my Toms black canvas classics, and my Pirates of the Caribbean medallion and my fearlessness necklace :)

So yeah, I'm gonna jam now :)

xoxo tyler