Day in the Life: Sunday

Good evening everyone! Here is Sunday's Day in the Life! 

  • 9:30am: Wake up
  • 10am: Get ready for work
  • 10:30am: Leave for work
  • 10:35am: Pick up breakfast before work
  • 11-4pm: Work my shift at Charming Charlie
  • 6:30pm: Make dinner
  • 8pm: Study for OChem quiz tomorrow and turn back and forth to the VMA's and the ID channel
  • 11:30pm-12am: Go to sleep so I can be rested for classes tomorrow! 
There's my Sunday! It's pretty boring but it's another day that I can actually get some school work done! Hope you guys have enjoyed this little series so far, only 2 more days to go! Hope you all have a lovely night! 

♥♥ tyleralesia

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